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July 24, 2017


np 008 Marijuana and States’ Rights

Conservatives are quick to point out how important are states rights.  Chris Christie Gov. of N.J. is not one of them. This is what he said in a recent interview regarding marijuana; “You take an oath of office,” Mr. Christie, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said on “Fox and Friends.” “I take one as governor;

np episode 005 Medicine – What’s Old Is New

I recently had a colonoscopy, and it started me thinking about medical procedures. But first, my colonoscopy. If you’ve never had one, you’re missing a positively dehumanizing experience. This is a procedure where you are laying on your side in a fetal position with your butt exposed. After the administering of anesthesia, you are out

np 002 Kicking The Habit

I smoked for many years before finally quitting. With cigarettes costing almost $15 in some places I don’t know how people afford them. These are some of the methods I used trying to quit: nicotine gum. Didn’t help. Almost OD’d Hypnotist. No joy. Bought fruit and cigarettes on way home Aversion therapy. Shocking Behavior modification.