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July 24, 2017

Horse Diapers – Cremation – Dildos Np 013

Horse Diapers

Horse diapers required. Some states have exhaust regulations for vehicles; Pocahontas County’s seat is taking steps to regulate, well, animal tailpipes.horse-diaperMarlinton’s town council voted unanimously last week to change an ordinance relating to horse traffic in town. Previously the town’s ordinance required horses to wear “diapers” or have a person clean up behind them, but after this year’s Pioneer Days celebration, the council decided to rethink the ordinance.

  • The west Alabama city of Selma is planning a crackdown on what one councilman says is a big problem: Horse droppings. The City Council passed a law three years ago requiring that horses wear diapers when on city streets, but Councilman Michael Johnson says riders aren’t following the law. Selma Police Chief John Brock said the department plans to be stricter enforcing the ordinance.horse
  • Local news story about horse diapers. https://youtu.be/8se1mCprck4

Amish Say Horse Diapers Violate Their Religious Freedom:

Two members of a conservative Amish sect have filed a civil suit against the city of Auburn, Kentucky, saying that a new ordinance regarding horse diapers violates their religious freedom. The plaintiffs, Dan Mast and Emanuel Miller, say the ordinance specifically targeted members of their religious group.

Officials say the Amish leave behind horse manure throughout town, which poses a health concern out in the streets. The city’s mayor even reportedly claimed that a child slipped in the manure and fell on his way to school. But the Amish say the law was intended to target them for their religious beliefs and that they clean up just fine without the diapers.

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