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July 24, 2017

np 009 War On Police

Members of the organization “Black Lives Matter” have been interrupting political speeches of both Dems and Republicans. As we all know this phrase or chant is referring to African Americans who have been killed by police. For a time, I was sympathetic to their cause. Almost weekly a video would surface of a police officer shooting an unarmed black man. Some, like the shooting of Walter Scott, defy explanation. There are others almost as disturbing. But some aren’t as obvious, and it appears this movement can’t tell the difference. The case of Michael Brown in Missouri is an example of what I mean. The Black Lives Matter movement didn’t start until after the Hands Up Don’t Shoot narrative was proven to be false. Still, there are those that still include Brown’s name on placards and signs at rallies. The anti-police rhetoric at these little get-togethers can be frightening.

Why aren’t these protesters marching in the streets of Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis or Milwaukee where murder rates have soared. Most of these homicides are black on black crimes and yet they blame the white man. Most are just waiting for an excuse to riot.rioters-264x300

Listen to this speech by a black activist about killing white people and police to see what I’m talking about: https://youtu.be/brX0XcmtVUY You might want to pay a visit to your local gun shop after seeing this.

In August of this year, 103 people were killed by the police. Some were black some white. Some were armed, and others were not. During this same period, six police officers were killed. Do their lives matter? The answer is yes. If someone is ready to take on an armed police officer, that person won’t hesitate to harm others.

A recent report on police shootings of citizens shows these incidents declined by 16%. What does this mean? Some think it means that the police are now listening to the message of some of these movements. I think it shows that police are starting to protect themselves by not acting on things they would have in the past. they know that there’s a war on the police.



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